• Document the progress of the relatively young field of Cognitive Computer Vision and Systems
• Bringing together the researchers working and interested in this field and giving them a platform to discuss the results of the different European cognitive vision projects and International projects in this area
• Increase the visibility of Cognitive Vision internationally
Cognitive vision is a research area, which calls for interdisciplinary research. We hope that the workshop on cognitive vision will continue the cross-fertilization between different research communities, research projects, and research groups.

Topic Areas:
Papers should indicate their scientific contribution to the field of cognitive computer vision. We cordially invite you to submit papers on all aspects of computer vision systems including, but not limited to
• Representations suited to cover cognitive vision requirements of learning, knowledge acquisition and contextual control,
• Methods for continuous learning and learning from a minimum number of exemplars,
• Formalisation of task requirements, contextual dependences and spatio-temporal reasoning to enable active control of processes for reliable interpretation,
• Software frameworks to accommodate all functionalities required in a multi-tasking CV system,
• Computational models of biological vision systems and their relation to Cognitive Vision, and
• Applications such as understanding situations involving objects and humans and their relationships and to be aware of the environment and its objects and functions.