Graz - photo copyright by Joanneum ResearchThe ubiquity and miniaturization of cameras as well as the increase of computational power of mobile and handheld devices has lead to a large increase in research, algorithms and applications in the area. The research challenges are not only efficiency, speed and low-complexity algorithms, but also additional demands on robustness because of the mobility of the devices as well as the inferior quality of the cameras themselves.
Applications such as augmented reality, object recognition, and visual localization are all highly interesting and challenging, but undoubtedly there is an enormous potential for other uses as well.

Given the high interest in mobile vision, it is not surprising that the expertise and researchers working on these topics are scattered over a range of different communities, ranging from the computer vision community to the ubiquitous, wearable, and mobile computing communities. This workshop therefore aims to bring together the leading researchers in the respective fields, in order to push the envelope of today’s applications of mobile vision.