Main glaciological variables to be studied and produced as data products in the MAIRES project are schematically represented in the figure below, which depicts also other components of the Earth's cryosphere and related processes.

Glaciological variables and related processes (icebergs not shown)

With the exclusion of Jan Mayen and Wrangel islands, nearly all Eurasian tidewater glaciers are situated in the Barents-Kara-Laptev region. The MAIRES proposal will therefore focus on this region. The list of study areas includes

  • Kvitoya,
  • Victoria Island,
  • Franz Josef Land,
  • Novaya Zemlya,
  • Ushakova Island,
  • Severnaya Zemlya
  • De Long Islands (optional),
  • Wrangel Island (optional).

These regions are shown in the map below. Glacier changes at De Long and Wrangel islands will be studied optionally, the subject of data availability and quality. Sea ice and iceberg studies will be concentrated on the Barents and Kara seas.

Map of the Barents-Kara-Laptev region where land ice areas are shown in white.
A large part of this area is also covered by sea ice in the winter.
The northern part of the region is also ice-covered in summer.