Study Areas

A set of target glaciers has been identified for the detailed remote sensing studies and field observations in 2007 - 2008. This set covers a wide range of glacioclimatic settings and takes an advantage of seven-fold coverage with multi-temporal high-resolution remote sensing data. The threefold coverage of the study areas should be provided with multitemporal INSAR pairs and two-fold coverage will be provided by the optical stereo pairs / triplets taken in the cold seasons (December-January or March-April) of 1993 - 2008. The lines connecting study glaciers form two nearly orthogonal transects along and across the Austrian Channel characterized with the largest gradient of solid precipitation and glaciation index. The list of study glaciers is given in Table 1 providing the glacier area, elevation range and annual amount of solid precipitation. The location of study glaciers is shown in Figure 1. Digits 1 through 5 denote Heyes, Wilczek Land, Wiener Neustadt & Ziegler and Hall islands, respectively. This area was first surveyed by Julius Payer in 1874.

Map of Franz Josef Land
Fig. 1. Satellite image map of FJL 1:000000, small-size-copy (Sharov 1997)

Table 1. SMARAGD glaciers

1. Ice Cap (8 km², 0-151 m a.s.l., 260 mm/a) at Victoria Island

2. Hydrographers Ice Cap (21 km², 0-242 m a.s.l., 180 mm/a) at Hayes Island

3. South Glacier Complex (294 km², 0 – 408 m a.s.l., 200? mm/a) at Champ Island

4. Tyndall Ice Dome (1890 km², 0 – 519 m a.s.l., 460 mm/a) at Wilczek Land

5. Ice Cap at Ushakova Island (327 km², 0-320 m a.s.l., 400 mm/a)
WO Transect across the Austria Channel
(80.5°N, 500km long)
6. Hydrographer’s Ice Cap (21 km², 0 - 242 m a.s.l., 180 mm/a) at Hayes Island, Forbes Glacier (220 km², 0 - 620 m ü.NN, 170 mm/a) at Wiener Neustadt Island & Eastern Glacial Complex (365 km², 0 – 554 m ü.NN, 160 mm/a) at Ziegler Island

7. Moscow Ice Cap (980 km², 0 – 421 m a.s.l., 500 mm/a) at Hall Island

8. Vostock-2 Ice Cap (122.5 km², 0-284 m a.s.l., 320 mm/a at Rainer Island) and Ice Cap No. 12 (291 km², 400 m a.s.l., 355 mm/a) at Rudolph Island
NS Transect across the Austria Sund
(58.0°E, 100km long)

One or two field campaigns are planned for the period of 25 July – 12 August, 2008 and (optionally) in the late spring of 2009. The field camp will be probably located at the Krenkel Polar Station on Hayes Island approx. 5 km distance from the Outlet Basin No.1 belonging to the Hydrographer’s Ice Cap.